Hands-on Lab: Instant IoT - Open Source Standard Based IoT Device Development

The Hand-on Lab will include a number of tutorials that explains how to interface an electric energy meter or build a WIFI connected temperature sensor, create an app that shows realtime data and so on.


1a) Interfacing the electric meter with the Electric Energy Monitor:
Online version: http://op-en.se/emm-intro

1b) DIY Temperature sensor:
Online version: https://op-en.se/temperature-sensor-workshop/

2) Creating an simple app for webb or phone:
Online version: https://op-en.se/visualizing/

3) Getting stared with Open Energy Playground and Node-RED:
Online version: https://op-en.se/playground-on-vm/

Try out even more things:
In the following document you will find information of how to adress and connect to devices in our test setup (Alexa, Philips Hue etc).
Jfokus 2017 IoT Cheat Sheet


The power meter in the room during our tutoial