You are viewing data from device: $ID. If you want to view your device you can connect to your NodeMCU device with a USB cable and ESPlorer and view the printouts during start up. Copy the URL from the printout or simply add the mac adress to the url of this page in the form of: ?id=XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX

This widget show the realtime power consumption measured by your device. You can use it on you phone or in fullscreen with the following link. If you look closely at the link once you open it in a new window you will find that you can adjust parameters such as how many decimals that will be shown or what the maximum value should be. The maximum value is used to for the widgets animation.

This view shows live data during the last hour. Select an area to zoom in or double click to zoom out. You can zoom out up to a week back in time.

The graph is generated with Grafana an open source tool for creating dashboards. You can play around with it here (you can make dashboards but not save without an login)

How to make a QR-code (optional)

If you want, you can make an individual QR-code which directs to your monitor. Copy the link containing your id for NodeMCU and the sensor. Go to and paste the link into the text field. Click Download, and choose PNG. You can then print the QR-code and attach it onto the plastic box containing the NodeMCU.