This is part of our device series. Here, we are looking at the power profile of a Indesit DI 630 A.

First we take a look at how the machine in behaving when it is fully functional. Further down, we take a look at a malfunctioning machine.

Nominal Energy profiles

Program 1 - Intensive

Program 2 - Normal

Program 3 - Rinse

Program 4 - ECO


We now take a look at the same dishwasher, but when it is malfunctioning.

In the first snapshot the pump that pumps water out of the dishwasher gets jammed at 02:19:42. This causes the machine to display an error code and terminate the washing program prematurely. The problem can cause detergents to be left on the dish it could possible also cause an overheating of the pump. The second snapshot shows the same period in a normal washing cycle.

Fig 1.1 The faulty water evacuation

Fig 1.2 The normal water evacuation. Entire session further down

From the data the it is obvious that the pump uses more energy when jammed. The power levels stay at 24W for several minutes while the normal curve only temporarily reaches 21W and then stays at about 13-16W. An detection algorithm for this error could be based on both the prolonged runtime of the pump as well as the increased power and energy use.

The problem was fixed by removing all the filters and water and then push hot water through the pump with a plunger fitted onto space where the filter normally is. The most likely cause of the problem is the gelatine coating that are used on some dishwasher tablets. In the figure below at 11:02 I first start the machine after using the plunger for a while. The pump however still doesn't move. I continue use the pluge and test one more time 11:03. After this i replace the water with new hot water and continue to use the plunger and test starting the machine. At 11:16 the pump finally starts pumping. I then reset the machine and starts an ECO program at 11:23. Shortly after start I open the lid to add som extra dish (11:25:05 and 11:25:39).

Fig 2. Fixing the machine.

Fig 3. The whole faulty session.

Fig 4. The whole normal session including the fixing of the pump.

Closed Water Valve

Lastly, we look at an example where the water valve has not been opened to the washing machine.